We do Business Process Management (BPM). We analyze, automate, and optimize business processes. Our consultants put their backgrounds in software development, service-oriented architecture, business intelligence, web-site usability, and back-end integration to use developing systems that are robust and flexible. Specifically, we offer the following services.

Mobile Workflow Automation: streamlining tools for smb and enterprise-level companies on iOS and Android.

Business Process Management: including busines process analysis, optimization, automation and monitoring

Cloud Solutions: Cloud Computing and Cloud Application Development, Mobile Device Application Development and Collaboration using Social Tools.

Project & Portfolio Management: Call Center Support, Project Planning & Management, Education & Training, QA and Testing and Finance & Budgeting.

Full Lifecycle System Implementation: conceptualize, plan, define, analyze, design, implement, commercialize, and support your BPM deployments.We adapt and optimize to your organization's methodology, whether its agile, waterfall, or a hybrid of both.